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Advantages of Aquasust Disc Diffuser in Water Treatment

By: Kate Chen
Email: [email protected]
Date: Jun 27th, 2024

Water treatment facilities, especially those large-scale water treatment facilities, usually require the use of Disc Diffuser to generate a certain amount of bubbles, thereby increasing the oxygen content in the water, promoting the water purification process, and reducing the pressure on the treatment facility. This article will discuss in detail the three main benefits of the Aquasust Disc Diffuser, including improved water treatment results, reduced maintenance costs and reduced energy consumption.


1. Improve water treatment effect

Aquasust Disc Diffuser can provide sufficient oxygen in water treatment to support aerobic decomposition of microorganisms, which is the key to water purification in biochemical oxidation tanks and flotation tanks. The bubbles produced by Aquasust Disc Diffuse have smaller diameters, larger gas-liquid interface areas, and uniform bubble diffusion, which can significantly improve oxygen transfer efficiency. This design rapidly increases the oxygen concentration in the water and enhances the ability of microorganisms to decompose organic matter, thus significantly improving the effect of water treatment.


When tiny bubbles rise in the water, they will drive the surrounding water to flow, increasing the mixing effect of the water body, further promoting the uniform distribution of oxygen and the decomposition speed of organic matter. By improving oxygen transfer efficiency and enhancing mixing, Aquasust Disc Diffuse performs well in treating high concentrations of organic pollutants and refractory organic matter, and can effectively improve effluent water quality.


2. Reduce maintenance costs

The design and materials of Aquasust Disc Diffuse provide long service life and low maintenance requirements. They are usually made of highly corrosion-resistant materials, such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE), polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and silicone. These materials can resist the erosion of chemicals and microorganisms in the water, and are not prone to aging and damage. .


In addition, the Aquasust Disc Diffuse has a simple structural design and is easy to install and disassemble, which makes maintenance work easier and faster. Generally speaking, Aquasust Disc Diffuse only needs regular cleaning and inspection during use, avoiding the trouble of frequent parts replacement. Low-frequency maintenance requirements not only reduce labor and time costs, but also reduce the impact of equipment shutdown on the entire water treatment process, ensuring the continuous and stable operation of the system.


3. Reduce energy consumption

Aquasust Disc Diffuse has significant energy saving effects in water treatment. Its design allows it to operate at relatively low pressures while still providing sufficient oxygen to support aerobic decomposition by microorganisms. This low-pressure operation not only reduces the energy consumption of the blower, but also reduces the operating costs of the entire system.


In addition, the high oxygen transfer efficiency of Aquasust Disc Diffuse means that for the same treatment effect, less air volume and aeration time are required, further reducing energy consumption. Compared with traditional aeration equipment, Aquasust Disc Diffuse can operate under more efficient conditions and achieve the same or even better treatment results, thus saving a lot of energy.



Overall, Aquasust Disc Diffuse plays a vital role in the water treatment process. They become a cost-effective water treatment equipment by improving water treatment efficiency, reducing maintenance costs and reducing energy consumption. The application of Aquasust Disc Diffuse can not only improve the operating efficiency of water treatment plants, but also help us better manage and protect water resources, reduce environmental pollution, and achieve sustainable development goals. Therefore, Aquasust Disc Diffuse plays an indispensable role in modern water treatment facilities and is an ideal choice for improving water treatment effects and optimizing operating costs.

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