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Problems and solutions that may occur with Disc Diffuser during water treatment

By: Kate Chen
Email: [email protected]
Date: Jun 27th, 2024

Disc Diffuser may have a variety of problems during water treatment that can affect its performance and water treatment results. Here are some common problems and their solutions:


1. Uneven distribution of bubbles

Problem: Uneven distribution of bubbles can lead to reduced oxygen transfer efficiency and affect water treatment results.

Solution: Ensure that Disc Diffusers are evenly distributed to avoid insufficient aeration in local areas.Check and clean Disc Diffusers regularly to prevent blockage and dirt accumulation.

Ensure uniform air supply to each Disc Diffuser by adjusting the air distribution system.


2. Blockage of Disc Diffuser

Problem: The Disc Diffuser aperture is blocked by dirt, microorganisms or chemical deposits, which can affect the generation of bubbles and oxygen transfer.

Solution: Clean Disc Diffusers regularly and use chemical cleaning agents or physical methods (such as high-pressure water guns) to remove blockages.

Use pretreatment processes (such as grilles and grit chambers) to remove large particles and suspended matter in the incoming water to reduce the risk of blockage.


3. Disc Diffuser is damaged

Problem: Disc Diffuser materials may age, crack or wear during long-term use, affecting its performance.

Solution: Choose high-quality materials that are resistant to corrosion and wear, such as silicone or polyurethane.

Check the status of Disc Diffuser regularly and replace damaged Disc Diffuser in time.


4. Excessive energy consumption

Problem: The aeration system consumes too much energy to operate, which will increase operating costs.

Solution: Optimize the design of the aeration system and choose an efficient Disc Diffuser and air distribution system.

Use a variable frequency blower to adjust the air supply according to actual needs and reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

Maintain and clean the Disc Diffuser regularly to keep it running efficiently


5. Improper dissolved oxygen control

Problem: Too high or too low dissolved oxygen levels will affect microbial activity and water treatment effects.

Solution: Install online dissolved oxygen monitoring equipment to monitor dissolved oxygen levels in real time.

According to the monitoring data, adjust the aeration volume in time to maintain a suitable dissolved oxygen concentration (usually between 2-4 mg/L).


6. Disc Diffuser falls off or shifts

Problem: Disc Diffuser falls off or shifts, which will lead to insufficient aeration in some areas and affect the overall treatment effect.

Solution: Ensure that the Disc Diffuser is firmly installed and use reliable fixing methods (such as brackets or bolts).

Regularly check the installation status of the Disc Diffuser and repair and adjust it in time


7. Foam problem

Problem: Excessive foam will affect the gas-liquid exchange on the water surface and reduce the oxygen transfer efficiency.

Solution: Use defoamers to control foam generation.

Adjust the aeration volume and aeration intensity to reduce foam formation.


8. Poor adaptability to different water qualities

Problem: Different water qualities (such as high salinity, high organic matter concentration, etc.) may affect the performance and life of the Disc Diffuser.

Solution: Select appropriate Disc Diffuser materials and designs according to the characteristics of water quality.

Under high load conditions, perform performance tests regularly and adjust the Disc Diffuser and system parameters in time.



In order to avoid problems with the Disc Diffuser during water treatment, it is necessary to optimize the design, installation, operation and maintenance. By selecting high-quality Disc Diffuser materials, ensuring uniform layout and air supply, regular cleaning and maintenance, optimizing dissolved oxygen control, and promptly repairing and replacing damaged parts, you can ensure that the Disc Diffuser operates efficiently in the water treatment process and achieve the best water treatment results.


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