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The important role of disc diffuser in water treatment

By: Kate Chen
Email: [email protected]
Date: May 30th, 2024

In the modern water treatment process, aeration technology is one of the key links to ensure water quality and environmental safety. disc diffuser, as an efficient aeration device, is widely used in municipal wastewater treatment, industrial wastewater treatment and aquaculture, its main function is to provide the necessary oxygen for the microorganisms in the water, to promote their growth, and to accelerate the decomposition process of organic matter. In this paper, we will discuss the function and advantages of the disc diffuser and its important role in water treatment.


1. Function and working principle of the disc diffuser

disc diffuser is a microporous aeration device installed at the bottom of the aeration tank. It is supplied to the system through compressed air, and the air releases tiny bubbles through the tiny apertures of the disc diffuser. These tiny bubbles make full gas-liquid contact with the water in the rising process, effectively transferring oxygen to the water body. The fine bubbles increase the dissolution rate of oxygen, enabling the microorganisms in the water to obtain sufficient oxygen to maintain their biodegradation activities.




2. Advantages of disc diffuser

Compared with other aeration equipment, such as aeration tube or float aerator, disc diffuser has a number of significant advantages:

1, High oxygen transfer efficiency: the tiny bubbles produced by the disc diffuser increase the contact area between the gas and the water, improving the oxygen dissolution efficiency.

2, Low energy consumption: due to the high oxygen transfer performance, the disc diffuser can be operated at low energy consumption, reducing operating costs.

3, Easy maintenance: disc diffuser has a simple structure, strong durability, easy to install and maintain.

4, Strong adaptability: applicable to a variety of different sizes and types of water treatment systems, including the treatment of highly concentrated organic wastewater.


3. disc diffuser in water treatment applications

1, Municipal wastewater treatment: disc diffuser in the activated sludge system to provide oxygen to help microorganisms decompose organic matter in sewage, is an indispensable part of municipal wastewater treatment.


2, Industrial wastewater treatment: especially in the treatment of high concentration organic wastewater (such as food processing wastewater, pharmaceutical wastewater, etc.), the disc diffuser can effectively support the biochemical treatment process.


3, Aquaculture: The use of disc diffusers in fish or shrimp ponds can significantly improve water quality, provide aquatic organisms with the necessary dissolved oxygen, and promote healthy growth.

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