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The role of Aquasust Tube Diffuser in industrial wastewater

By: Kate Chen
Email: [email protected]
Date: Jun 27th, 2024


The role of Tube Diffuser in industrial wastewater treatment cannot be ignored. As an important aeration equipment, Tube Diffuser introduces air or oxygen into wastewater to increase the dissolved oxygen content in the water, thereby promoting the biodegradation and purification process of organic pollutants. This article will discuss in detail the three main functions of Tube Diffuser in industrial wastewater treatment, including improving oxygen transfer efficiency, enhancing wastewater mixing effect, and reducing treatment time.


1. Improve oxygen transfer efficiency

Industrial wastewater usually contains large amounts of organic pollutants, which need to be treated through aerobic decomposition by microorganisms. Aquasust Tube Diffuser increases the gas-liquid contact area and oxygen transfer efficiency by releasing fine bubbles in wastewater. These tiny bubbles can efficiently dissolve oxygen in the air into the water during their rise, thereby increasing the dissolved oxygen content in the wastewater and providing sufficient oxygen for microorganisms to degrade organic matter.


By optimizing oxygen transfer, the Aquasust Tube Diffuser can significantly increase the rate and efficiency of biochemical reactions. Efficient oxygen transfer can not only speed up the decomposition of organic pollutants, but also improve the overall effect of wastewater treatment and ensure that the effluent quality meets standards.


2. Enhance wastewater mixing effect

The bubbles generated by the Aquasust Tube Diffuser during operation can form a strong stirring effect in the water and enhance the mixing effect of wastewater. Good mixing effect helps to evenly distribute dissolved oxygen and microorganisms, allowing the organic matter in the wastewater to fully contact the microorganisms and accelerating the progress of biochemical reactions.


This agitation effect also prevents suspended solids in the wastewater from settling, maintaining uniformity within the reaction tank and avoiding anaerobic zones. By enhancing the mixing effect of wastewater, Aquasust Tube Diffuser can improve treatment efficiency and ensure stable operation of the entire system.


3. Reduce processing time

Because the Aquasust Tube Diffuser improves oxygen transfer efficiency and enhances wastewater mixing, the treatment time of industrial wastewater can be significantly shortened. The fast biochemical reaction rate allows organic pollutants to be degraded in a shorter time, reducing the residence time of wastewater in the treatment system.


Shortening treatment time not only increases the processing capacity of treatment facilities, but also reduces energy consumption and operating costs during wastewater treatment. By optimizing processing time, Aquasust Tube Diffuser can reduce the operating costs of the entire system while improving processing efficiency.



The role of Aquasust Tube Diffuser in industrial wastewater treatment is crucial. They significantly increase the efficiency and effectiveness of wastewater treatment by increasing oxygen transfer efficiency, enhancing wastewater mixing, and reducing treatment time. The application of Aquasust Tube Diffuser can not only improve the operational performance of treatment facilities, but also reduce operating costs, providing an efficient and economical solution for industrial wastewater treatment. Therefore, the Aquasust Tube Diffuser plays an indispensable role in modern industrial wastewater treatment and is a key equipment to achieve efficient wastewater treatment and environmental protection.

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